Trade like Warren Buffett

Is It Wise To Follow Warren Buffett?

By Dale Gillham So you want to trade and you think that the best thing to do is simply follow an expert, after all, they know how to do it properly.  However, even experts like Warren Buffett get it wrong, let me explain…. When I teach people how to invest or trade safely in our[…read more]

Your Trading Mentor Live Share Trading Workshop

We are constantly asked if we do live workshops, and for nearly eight years the answer has been no, as we do not do public workshops or seminars anymore. However I do present the odd short seminar for the likes of the ASX, ASA and others. We chose long ago that spending time and supporting[…read more]

Dale Gillham Wealth Within

Dale Gillham- ASX Newsletter Article

Six Microcap Stocks You Should Look At The latest edition (October 2104) of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) newsletter was out yesterday, and Dale Gillham chief Analyst at Wealth Within was chosen to provide the lead article. the article is about six Microcap stocks that really are worth looking at right now. In this article Dale[…read more]


Share Market- Conquer Fear of The Unknown…

People often avoid the share market because of fear, and this fear often stems from the unknown. This week I would like to discuss this risk and fear of the unknown. To explain this I will share with you a little story about a personal experience I had this year when I came face to[…read more]

warren buffett looking up at sky image

5 Stocks Warren Buffett Owns and Why You Should Too…

What do Warren Buffett and Floyd Mayweather have in common? Not much by all accounts, but that didn’t stop the Oracle of Omaha attending his very first boxing match over the weekend to see the Mayweather re-match with Marcos Maidana. 84 year old Warren Buffett, the master investor who has accumulated a massive amount of[…read more]

trading profitably woman with money bags image

I’m Trading Profitably… Now What?

If you want to increase your wealth without having to invest a lot, then shares are a great way for you to do this. Today, shares make up a reasonable portion of our wealth, through direct investing or superannuation, and so it is vital that you know how the market works and how to confidently[…read more]

5 small cap stocks set to sky rocket in 2014 image of NASA space rocket

5 Small Cap Stocks You Didn’t Know… Set to Sky Rocket in 2014

Are you one of those traders or investors who only hangs out at the top of the market. Only keen to grab hold of those stocks that dominate the Aussie market? It’s OK if you are… most people dabbling in the share market are in the exact same position. Problem is you could be missing[…read more]

image of W.D. Gann's book truth of the stock tape

W.D. Gann’s Best Advice for Traders…

By Dale Gillham W.D. Gann was quite upfront when it came to teaching traders, and like me I am sure he became frustrated at the many who ask for advice and yet do the opposite of what we advise. After all why ask if you don’t intend taking the advice? Further if an expert is[…read more]