CFD trading-10 Ways to accelerate your wealth with CFDs

Lately we have been getting more and more people ask about CFD trading and how they can use this vehicle to generate cash flow and in turn accelerate their wealth. It seems the more the market is bullish the more people look towards it to make profit from, whilst the best time to learn how[…read more]

Share Market Workshops – Live Event!

Trading the share market well doesn’t come from reading a few books Benjamin Franklin once said “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” This is so true. We don’t absorb everything we are told, or for that matter what we read. To be successful at anything, and[…read more]


Learn to Trade in a Day

Is the path to becoming a great trader paved with knowledge or wisdom? There is an old saying that “knowledge is to know that a Tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable, wisdom is to understand that you don’t use a Tomato in a fruit salad”. Understanding is to really know! When you really[…read more]


Learn To Trade With Your Trading Mentor

Check out one of our “Ask Dale” videos Each fortnight our Trading Mentor students ask Wealth Within Chief Analyst Dale Gillham to analyse a stock of their choice. These videos are included the Your Trading Mentor 12 month membership, and show students the practical application of what is being taught in this membership. This is[…read more]

image of golden tap with coins pouring out trading for cash flow

How To Secure Your Financial Future And Start Living

On the weekend we conducted our first live public seminar in years, which we called the “Seven Steps to Becoming a Trader That Anyone Can Follow” and we sub-titled it: “The fastest way to become a great trader is to follow these simple steps” The session was presented by Wealth Within Chief Analyst and trader[…read more]

image of australian share market ASX board profit from shares

How to manage a share portfolio – Part 1

In this three part series, I’ll give you some insight into important aspects around how to manage a share portfolio. Many people mistakenly think that trading is about people sitting behind a computer screen all day watching the market, but the best traders don’t need to do this. To hear about some of the practical[…read more]


Do banks tick the right boxes?

Are banks still a safe investment, and which bank is the pick of the bunch? Falls of between 27 and 32 per cent were recorded for major banks between April and September to November this year, which tested the resolve of even the most seasoned long term investors. Holding banks for dividends while the shares[…read more]

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How to buy stocks safely in the share market

This is a transcript for a podcast about what you need to be aware of when looking to buy stocks safely and better manage risk, particularly if the market has been falling. I also include some pointers on how you can be better prepared to trade the share market. If you would prefer to listen[…read more]