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How to buy stocks safely in the share market

This is a transcript for a podcast about what you need to be aware of when looking to buy stocks safely and better manage risk, particularly if the market has been falling. I also include some pointers on how you can be better prepared to trade the share market. If you would prefer to listen[…read more]

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Leverage – Your recipe for riches or a double edged sword?

With the share market having recently risen to its highest levels in six years, more and more traders are looking at borrowing to get into the share market, but is this a recipe for riches? Leverage can give you the means to profit from a rising or falling market…. Leverage is not for everyone, however,[…read more]


Are you a real Trader? Solution…learn to trade

By Dale Gillham Over the past twenty years I have met, educated and/or helped thousands of people in developing a high level of investing and trading skill. Interestingly, over this time I’ve found those specifically looking for share trading education have a very wide and often varied perception of what share trading is and how[…read more]

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Catch a stag profit from a float

By Janine Cox Who wouldn’t want to make it rich in a few days or weeks? Some short term traders chase company floats in the hope of picking a few that rise by 20, 30, or even 100 per cent above the buy price after listing. The problem is that chasing a stag profit from[…read more]

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Learn How To Trade – A Trader’s Story

By Dale Gillham In my job the most satisfying moments are when you get a surprise email from someone who has told you that they want to learn how to trade, then they take action, apply what they learned, and get the results that they initially desired. Quite simply, most people attempting to learn how[…read more]


7 Tips for Your Share Market Success in 2015

By Dale Gillham Here are my 7 Tips to creating your share market success in 2015 There is an old saying that you can’t buy new clothes until you clean out your wardrobe, and whilst this may create images in your mind of clothes flying through the air, the outcome is a nice clean orderly[…read more]


Share Trading Mentor

By Dale Gillham The email below came from one of our Trading Mentor lesson students, and was only one of a few emails I have received from this person as he was keen to have a share trading mentor and so whilst he was studying the Trading Mentor lessons he used his time wisely by[…read more]

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Is It Wise To Follow Warren Buffett?

By Dale Gillham So you want to trade and you think that the best thing to do is simply follow an expert, after all, they know how to do it properly.  However, even experts like Warren Buffett get it wrong, let me explain…. When I teach people how to invest or trade safely in our[…read more]