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I’m Trading Profitably… Now What?

If you want to increase your wealth without having to invest a lot, then shares are a great way for you to do this. Today, shares make up a reasonable portion of our wealth, through direct investing or superannuation, and so it is vital that you know how the market works and how to confidently[ more]

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5 Small Cap Stocks You Didn’t Know… Set to Sky Rocket in 2014

Are you one of those traders or investors who only hangs out at the top of the market. Only keen to grab hold of those stocks that dominate the Aussie market? It’s OK if you are… most people dabbling in the share market are in the exact same position. Problem is you could be missing[ more]

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W.D. Gann’s Best Advice for Traders…

W.D. Gann was quite upfront when it came to teaching traders, and like me I am sure he became frustrated at the many who ask for advice and yet do the opposite. After all why ask if you don’t intend taking the advice? Further if an expert is telling you something then maybe it is[ more]

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The Ins and Outs of Short Selling Stocks

If you’re looking to profit from the market, regardless of the direction, you need to understand the process for short selling as well as how to trade long. Finding stocks suitable for short selling is not the first step in the process, however, it can be a good place to start your research. But more[ more]

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Trading for Cash Flow

When you ask the majority of traders why they trade, most will share with you that they are trading for cash flow. Yet this is not really the answer. What does trading for cash flow actually mean? After all everyone will have a different version of ‘cash flow’ or ‘making money’. For example does it mean: Generate[ more]

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How to Profit from Shares: My Top 10 Tips…

The two most pressing questions on investor’s minds are firstly where is the market heading over the next several months? Secondly, what shares should I buy? The answer to the first question I cover in my weekly Upfront Investor podcast (which I STRONGLY recommend you subscribe to in iTunes or Stitcher Radio) and in our other[ more]


How to Enter and Exit Trades Profitably

The most important priority for traders is to enter and exit trades at the highest probable time. This means you want to do so at the time a stock indicates, with the highest probability that it will move up in a continued uptrend or sell when it indicates it will fall away in a continued[ more]

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Trading Scam Update

Why I Keep Harping On About This Trading Scam The reason I keep on writing posts about this trading scam is simple. I HATE seeing innocent people have their hard-earned money wrenched from their hands by some unscrupulous, dodgy and frankly down-right disgusting scam company espousing that making massive money in the markets is as[ more]